Ah, how the mighty have fallen.

The Situation gif

Local police were reportedly called when employees of Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's tanning salon didn't get paid.

TMZ reports, '4 employees from Boca Tanning Club in Middletown, NJ filed a police report claiming their paychecks had bounced all over town. According to the police, each employee was owed between $100-$200.'

According to that report, 'sources' close to him say it was 'just an innocent mixup' as they switched payroll companies.

Or...he's just a deadbeat that's not paying the people who are helping him buy more luxury sports cars.

Even more likely? He's duped us all by drumming up more publicity for his family's upcoming reality show. Lame.
Luckily the employees have reportedly all since been paid.

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