We have been broadcasting the morning show from our respective homes for a while now, and there are some differences technically than broadcasting from the studio. And I hear things.

Just a little background. One of the by products of the way the technology works is that I hear Liz when she is on the air of course, but I can also hear her when we're no on the air. That means I hear her every move for 5 hours.

That's kind of weird. I will say that when I hear her talking to her boys, I pump the music volume up, so I'm not eavesdropping on private conversations (you're welcome Liz). But I still hear things.

And over the couple of months, a pattern of sounds has emerged that I want to share with you. If I have to hear them, you have to hear about them.


The toaster...Christopher makes his breakfast (as he should) in the kitchen, where Liz is broadcasting from, so we all know when the toast is done.

The alarm...Liz sets a reminder alarm for just about anything, and we've been hearing just about every one of them live on the air.

Her cat. Liz is the proud owner of the cat with the loudest purr on the Jersey Shore, and we've all heard it now.


The technology sigh. Every time something goes wrong with anything, Liz lets out a big, long sigh which i have no choice but to hear...every time.

The cackle. I don't know what she is laughing at most of the time, but can you imagine the loudest laugh you can imagine piercing the silence in your headphones? It's like a sea gull horror movie.

The cough. I know we're miles apart, but in the COVID era, I feel like taking a shower after every cough. And they are right into my ear. The CDC can't be happy with that.

We also had a Zeus (my Teacup Yorkie) barking appearance, but you couldn't hear it because Liz could not bring herself to stop talking for a whole 10 seconds. Ironic after all the things I have been hearing that I couldn't hear that. You can't make it up.

So, those are just some of the things going on during our 'broadcast from home times'. I can't wait to get back to the studio. Hopefully, it will be soon!

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