Could the toys that these two penguins piled in front of their home be a sign that they are getting ready to be parents?

Cindy Claus from Jenkinson's Aquarium got this precious photo of penguins PJ and Assani. Apparently these parents want to keep all the toys in one place -- in front of the entrance to their home.

Cindy had some removed after this photo because there IS an egg in the nest and they don't want anything to damage it, in case it actually contains a baby! This is their first real nesting so they would be new parents and they are on that egg...

The egg would take 38 - 42 days to hatch...but the aquarium staff doesn't know if it's fertile. Still, this is a good sign, and this photo sure is as cute as can be!

The Aquarium is open all year round and I would imagine it is really relaxing to stroll through and watch all of the wonderful sea life and animals while the summer tourists are NOT in town!

CLICK HERE for the Aquarium hours.

And by the way, Jenkinson's Boardwalk is celebrating 90 years!!!! Wow!

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