When it comes to superstitions, I am. VERY. Let me be the first to tell you that I will not be leaving my house Friday without saying a prayer. Why you ask? Not only does the full moon bring out the crazies, but it is Friday the 13th!! So, how superstitious are you? More importantly, is it superstition or intuition? Take for instance, the palm of your right hand starts to itch, do you kiss it up and then receive money soon thereafter? How about when that left hand gets the itch, do you lose money? When you are cooking, do you throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder? Would you ever walk under a ladder? Ever break a mirror? Did you have 7 years of bad luck? I am trying to figure out how many mirrors I broke prior to my luck changing…LOL.

Have you ever had a strange feeling you cannot explain? Take for instance, you have plans to go somewhere but last minute you change your mind, come to find out there was a huge accident on the route that you would have traveled at the very moment you would have been there. That intuition kicked in and saved your life. I love getting the itch to stop and buy a scratch off ticket, chances are I win a few bucks. I just wish my intuition would tell me exactly what numbers to play to pick the biggest winning ticket!

I am just kidding by the way I will leave my house. Very cautiously, but will put on my positive pants on and slay the day. Only after I bathe in holy water and indulge in a garlic shake followed by throwing a handful of salt on myself. One can never be too careful.

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