If you want to know whee the highest earning county in New Jersey is, you'll have to travel outside Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

Recently, the website Stacker did research to determine the highest earning county in each state, and the county that took the top spot in the Garden State was Hunterdon County.

Here are some of the statistics for Hunterdon that helped determine it's top ranking in the state...

Median Household income...$112,535. That number is nearly 82% higher than the national average.

Growth from 2016-2017...employment grew over 12% during that time, with over 3800 businesses and over 49,000 people employed.

So, what about Monmouth County? Well, this past summer nj.com listed the 15 richest towns in the state and 3 Monmouth County towns were in the top 10. (Holmdel #10, Millstone #9, Colts Neck #5)

And where does Ocean County stand? SmartAdvisor Match listed Ocean County as the place in New Jersey with the 5th highest net worth for 2019. Hunterdon was #1 and Monmouth was #7.

We know there is a lot of money in the Garden State, and now we have a little better idea of where a lot of it is. i guess if it's not in our pocket, it's not helping too much.

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