For right now the most iconic job in every state is health care workers for obvious reasons, but before COVID-19 what was New Jersey's most iconic job?

The website 24/7 Wall St. set out on the mission to name the most iconic job in each state. So what do you think they came up with for the Garden State? Here's a hint. Think of very Jersey thing.

Well, there's nothing more Jersey than diners. Is it diner waitresses or waiters? Nope. How about beaches? Is it lifeguards or badge checkers? No, that's not it either. So, what could it be.

How about casino workers in the world famous Atlantic City? That's another good one, but not the one we're looking for. Here's a hint. It's an outside job. Construction workers? There's nothing more Jersey than that. True, but you still didn't get it.

Let's end the suspense. 24/7 Wall St. says gas station (and watercraft) service attendant is New Jersey's most iconic job. Here are the numbers...

10,230...the number of people in the state employed with this job.

9%...the share of all people with this job nationally who are in New Jersey.

$20,390...the median annual wage for this job.

And our gas station and watercraft service attendants are out there in the midst of wind, rain, snow, bitter cold, oppressive heat, and these days germs. And we appreciate each and every one of you ho are out there for us doing New Jersey's most iconic job.

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