Have you ever thought of getting someone you love a piece of custom jewelry? Whether it's for mom, kids, friends, spouse, or anyone else, custom jewelry is a great way to show someone you love them.

When it comes to custom jewelry, it adds that extra element of getting something uniquely specific to that person. And many jewelers typically have a decent selection of custom jewelry for you to choose from.

But let's focus more on what custom jewelry is. Did you know you can have your own personal drawings turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry? If not, then that's okay, because for a long time I didn't know, either.

It wasn't until the owners of one of my go-to jewelry shops for custom pieces closed their store and went into retirement. It took quite a bit of searching before I came across this jewelry studio that turns your art into something even more amazing.

This jewelry studio in Red Bank, NJ, will turn your own drawings into beautiful, custom-made jewelry

Such a unique and special way to show someone you love them with that extra personal touch.

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