As we celebrate Asbury Park with our weekend live broadcasts from the boardwalk all summer long, we also celebrate the rich history of this amazing city.

And each week we'll be quizzing you on your knowledge of the history of Asbury Park. It's a fun way to learn about all the amazing, historical and memorable things that happened in one of America's great shore towns over the years.

Today the quiz will touch on historical events, important dates and numbers, as well as the names that pop up in the history of Asbury Park. Are you ready to play? Alright then, here we go and good luck.

And remember, anybody can Google these answers, so please try to get it on your own first. Don't look it up until you absolutely have to.

Question #1...On September 8th, 1934, a luxury ship, on it's way from Havana to New York caught fire, and beached near Convention Hall. Sadly, 134 people lost their lives in the disaster. What was the name of the ship?

Question #2...508 4th Ave. in Asbury Park is a famous place. It was once the home of a very famous author. He penned the legendary Red Badge of Courage. He also attended the Asbury Park Elementary School for two years. Who is he?

Question #3...This nationally known concert organist was named the municipal organist for  Asbury Park at the new venue known as Convention Hall in 1931. He would perform over 5000 concerts at Convention Hall. Can you name him?

How many do you think you can get right without Google's help. There's a good chance you can get two of these three right, and if you did (on your own), then you passed this Asbury Park quiz!

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