Spring arrives this week, and we hope spring weather will be here as well, and now that the long winter is almost over, I just wanted to remind you of three good reasons to say goodbye to winter.

Reason #1...THE BEACH. This should really be reasons one, two and three. Just the thought of the warmth of the sand on your feet, the sound of the seagulls and waves just make us fall in love with the Shore all over again.

Reason #2...THE WEATHER. Talk about a no brainer. How about walking out of the house without a coat and gloves, or walking out of the house and not slipping and falling, or how about not having to warm up the car.

Reason #3...INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE NEIGHBORS AGAIN. When we have a winter like this, it feels like you lose touch with the neighbors. Oh, you see them, but you're in such a hurry to get out of the wind and cold, you hardly say two words. It'll be nice to have a full conversation again.

These aren't the only reasons to say goodbye to winter, so we'll discuss more later in the week!