I'm starting a series of videos called "Jersey Shore's Toughest Jobs" and my first stop? Teaching a class at Jazzercise!

Yep, the gang at Jazzercise actually WANTED me to get up and front of a class and run the show. So I did. I'm not going to say I changed the landscape of Jazzercise forever, but I'm not going to say I didn't. I think I have a future in it....yeah right!!

When the class started I asked anybody who thought they were in better shape than me to step forward. Every person stepped up without hesitation, like the Rockettes. Very funny! An hour later, I realized just how right they were!

Thanks to everybody at Jazzercise for being so nice (and merciful)! I had a great time. If you've never tried Jazzercise, you should give it a shot. Great workout, great feeling of teamwork and a great time!

Check out the last routine from the finale class at Tropic Heat Jazzercise On Location Orlando 2012.