There are some tips for staying cool while wearing a mask during these hot, humid summer days at the Jersey Shore.

A lot of it is simple common sense, but let's run through the tips for staying cool this summer while wearing a mask, according to an article at If you remember these simple thing, you may be more comfortable during the heat of a Jersey Shore summer...

Stay hydrated. We told you they were simple. It's just good common sense to stay hydrated during the hot weather at all times, but it's really important when you're wearing your mask.

Stay in the shade. Yes, you may have rolled your eyes, but it's true. We are going to be hotter with the mask on than we normally are so we should be much more conscious and aware of where the nearest shade is.

These things are always important of course, and we all know them. But it's not a bad reminder, because now they are that much more important.

I have also heard some experts say that using cotton masks will be cooler but they also absorb moisture, and since you don't want to use a wet mask,  you should have several on hand to replace any masks that get too much moisture caught in it.

Other experts say it's ok to take a break, according to, make sure you're social distanced from everyone and take the mask off to give yourself a little breather, pardon the pun. This is especially true if you work outside all day in the heat.

So, if you're working outside in the Jersey Shore heat, please pay extra attention to your hydration, stay in the shade when you can, and take a break once in a while. Be safe.

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