It’s hard to live in New Jersey and not develop a love of local diners. After all, New Jersey is the Diner Capital of the World!  There’s one in almost every town serving any type of dish your taste buds desire. NJ Diners are quite extraordinary from their menus to their appearances and their…names!

We all know the typical names ranging from “Silver”, “Golden” and “Galaxy” to those that take the names of their owners, but many have very interesting names. Some have names so unique that they certainly make you wonder their origin. We took a look at some of the most notable NJ Diners to list the Top 10 New Jersey Diners with Funny Names!


1. Golden Touch Diner

Route 10, East Hanover

( Morris County)


2. Egg Platter Diner

159 Crooks Road, Paterson

(Passaic County)


3. Mustache Bill’s Diner

8th Street, Barnegat Light

(Ocean County)


4. Dimples Diner & Family Restaurant

Lacey Road, Whiting

(Ocean County)


5. Jackson Hole Diner

362 Grand Avenue, Englewood

(Bergen County)


6. Nothing Fancy Restaurant

Harrison Avenue, Harrison

(Hudson County)


7. Mama’s Dream International Diner

State Street, Perth Amboy

(Middlesex County)


8. Golden Pigeon Diner

Landis Avenue, Bridgeton

(Cumberland County)


9. Lamp Post Diner

Weeks Avenue, N. Wildwood

(Cape May County)


10. Horseshoe Diner

Boyle Plaza, Jersey City

(Hudson County)


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Whether or not they still exist today, what are some of the best names that you’ve seen for New Jersey Diners?


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