I'm a HUGE Little House on the Prairie fan. I loved it when Laura cried over everything, when Ma was making an apple pie to leave on the window sill, when Mary beat up mean old Nelly Oleson and in particular I liked it when Pa took off his shirt to chop wood. Now YOU can live the prairie life and camp in this 1800's style covered wagon!

New Jersey is a camping hot spot. There is so much beautiful nature to see but even the most rustic of us don't need to sleep in a tent on the ground do we?  These covered wagons come with comfy beds and even air conditioning...ok so you are a bit more pampered than Ma and Pa Ingalls were but I'm sure they give their blessings.

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This covered wagon is located in Newton, New Jersey and is available for rent on Airbnb it's 1800s charm will be an awesome surprise for the kids!

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This covered wagon is comfy and has all the amenities you need! There is something magical about camping and not laying on the forrest floor.

Kick back and relax and eat some s'mores in your fire pit, cook, or just tell ghost stories by the fire.

If you have a big family don't worry...you can actually fit six people inside!


There's also overhead lighting, an AC unit, and outlets for charging...I bet the Ingalls would be jealous.  You do have to share a restroom with the rest of the campground but the campground has some great amenities like a pool!

So, if you’re looking for an 1800's spin on camping to make some memories with your family book this covered wagon ASAP!
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