CNBC's "The Profit" came to the Jersey Shore for this week's episode, featuring a couple of local businesses!

The show features businessman Marcus Lemonis as he invests in various struggling  businesses across the country in the hopes of improving them and boosting their bottom lines.

In this week's episode, he returned to Mr. Green Tea ice cream in Keyport, owned by the Emanuele family, originally on the show in September 2013.

There are plenty of shots showing off the downtown Keyport area where their office is located (there's even a quick frame of next-door neighbor Drew's Bayshore Bistro!)

During the episode, the show stops into 10th Ave. Burrito, a Mr. Green Tea client. (That's where they try to pull a fast one, as they clearly filmed in the Red Bank location, but labeled it as Belmar, where the original 10th Ave. Burrito is located. I'm onto you, CNBC!)

CNBC the profit RB
That's definitely Front St. in Red Bank...a good 30 minutes from Belmar. But that's fine. (The Profit/CNBC)

Marcus Lemonis and the Emanueles meet up with Brian Katz, owner of 10th Ave., and some lucky folks in the restaurant even got to sample some new MGT ice cream flavors!

The show also filmed in a local Shoprite, but it's unclear which location it was.

There was plenty of drama in the episode, but *spoiler alert* it all works out in the end, and they even wind up making a deal to get Mr. Green Tea ice cream into the popular 16 Handles self-serve fro-yo chain. (I'd be ALL OVER the fortune cookie and chai latte flavors!)

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