I grew up in the northern-most town of Monmouth County -- Aberdeen. So I have seen this small restaurant building transform several times. This is by far the nicest it has ever looked, both inside and out!

If you drive along Rt. 34 North through Aberdeen there is a small building that used to be a KFC (and prior to that it was several other restaurants through the years.)

I can still remember the last time I took my boys to that KFC. It was so dingy and felt like it was falling apart on the inside, to the point where we turned around and walked out. My boys still remember that, although they were so much younger.

Since then, the building has sat vacant. I thought for sure it would be torn down like the one in Wall Township recently was. But Starbucks has breathed new life this Aberdeen location. With a drive-through, no less! (See photos below.)

I rarely see a stand-alone Starbucks, much less one as gorgeous as this one! Inside and out, it is beautiful, with outdoor seating, too! I wonder if the new Starbucks with a drive-through that is being built in Wall Township will be a stand-alone building as nice as the Aberdeen one!

Aberdeen really needed a Starbucks because up 'til now everyone was cramming into the Matawan Starbucks just down the highway a mile or so further.

Also newly completed (not sure if it's open yet, but there are a lot of cars there, so probably) is the new McDonald's on Rt. 34 South across the street from the Aberdeen Starbucks. They tore down the old McDonald's building (home of one of my first jobs) and rebuilt it in record time. I am truly impressed with the speed of this new build!



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