Do you think you've thought of every way to celebrate a loved one's birthday? You probably haven't thought of this one.

A New Jersey dad is celebrating his birthday by answering his phone over and over again, and most of the people calling to wish him happy birthday are total strangers. So how did this happen?

Well, it turns out, according to, it's all about the billboard that his sons had put up for his birthday. Yes a billboard. A big one, with a picture of him , along with his phone number and a message saying, " Wish my Dad happy birthday, Love, your sons".

It turns out the prank is part of a running joke among family members that started when the boys were younger and would tell waiters and waitresses at restaurants that is was dad's birthday when it wasn't, and it apparently built from there.

The dad, Chris Ferry, who lives in Linwood says he has received more than 15,000 messages and calls wishing him happy birthday, and some have come from distant places like Germany and Africa, according to the article.

If you're trying to plan a celebration for a loved one, it's kind of tough to top 15,000 birthday greetings, but I guess it would have to be for someone who actually wanted to answer those calls and messages, and I'm guessing that's not everyone.

So that's the prank that two sons played on their New Jersey dad that none of us will ever forget!

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