During our live broadcast from Jenkinson's Boardwalk yesterday, we had a chance to visit Sandy Castle. It is an amazing sight.

Sandy Castle is a great idea to give kids of all ages something positive to think about in the aftermath of Sandy. It is literally a symbol of rebuilding, and it's soaring height represents spirit of the people who live at the Jersey Shore.

Ed Jarrett, the man who is building the amazing sand castle, has come to love the Jersey Shore and it's people since his arrival, and that has added to his already unbelievable commitment to the task.

During the building of Sandy Castle, rebuilding of the Jersey Shore may have cost a chance at the world record. Vibrations from construction  work have cost Ed and Sandy Castle several feet of progress on the massive sand castle, but that won't stop Ed.

He is so committed to bringing a world record to the Jersey Shore, especially for all the students he has met and who have helped him, that he is planning to return in the fall to try to break the record.

If you have been to Sandy Castle, go again, and bring some friends! If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss the opportunity to see this amazing sight, and a wonderful tribute to the Jersey Shore. It's also a great way to help Hometown Heroes!

Sandy Castle is located across from Jenkinson's Aquarium.