You ever watch an interview so awkward you wish you could just help the reporter hide?

One reporter probably wishes he called in sick after confusing Samuel L. Jackson for someone else...and then getting ripped apart for it!

KTLA reporter Sam Rubin was interviewing Jackson about his upcoming role in 'RoboCop' when he referenced Jackson's Super Bowl commercial.

Except Jackson wasn't in a Super Bowl Lawrence Fishburne was. (In Rubin's defense, he probably thought he saw Jackson's Capital One ad during the big game, because I see that one constantly, and it's absolutely the ad I thought he was referring to...)

Rubin apologized numerous times but Jackson wasn't having any of it, telling him, 'I'm not Lawrence Fishburne! We don't all look alike! We all may be black and famous, but we don't all look alike.'

Yep, he went there. Ah, my love for Samuel L. Jackson is deep.

Jackson went on to educate Rubin on different black actors in commercials.

Rubin kept trying to get the interview back on track, and finally about 2 minutes in, Jackson starts talking about RoboCop.

Samuel L. Jackson: Taking no s--t since 1948. Amazing.

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