This Monmouth County mom knows a thing or two about motherhood...and wine. Now she's come up with a very clever gift idea that will make you the hit at the next baby shower you attend!

Lara Gottlieb and a fellow mom-friend of hers have come together to create an exciting new product that will earn you the title of 'favorite gift-giver!'

It's called "Mommy's Firsts Wine Bottle Covers." They are cute and colorful and celebrate some of the milestone moments during the first year with baby. An excellent gift for brand new moms or even moms-to-be!!! Bring some of these to the next shower you go to and the crowd will go wild!

With the slogan "Because wine and motherhood go hand-in-hand," this is a tongue-in-cheek way for new moms to get a real laugh, at a time when they might otherwise want to cry with exhaustion.

Lara says that since we celebrate our baby's milestones,  she wanted to create something for MOMS to celebrate all of those milestones... after the little ones are asleep, lol.

If you would like to get more info on this fabulous gift idea, or order some for yourself, CLICK HERE!

You may remember this incredible Monmouth County entrepreneur from her other business called Smart Sips that we have featured here -- delicious and unusual coffee pod flavors made locally and also another great gift idea. Have flavors like Brown Sugar Bourbon and Deep Fried Churro coffees sent monthly to someone's home! CLICK HERE for more info on that.

To read about how Lara got started on her wonderful career with some of her awesome products, CLICK HERE.


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