We're all trying to keep the weight off, but it's tough with all the amazing summer food around. Here's some great news. One of New Jersey's favorite summer foods can help you LOSE weight.

You rarely get to hear "favorite food" and "lose weight" in the same sentence, unless of course "favorite food" is preceded by "don't eat your". in this case, one of the foods we look forward to here in the Garden State every summer is one of the five best foods to detox and lose weight in the summer, according to some experts..

If you haven't figured it out yet, it's the tomato, and there are no better tomatoes than Jersey Tomatoes, right? According to Women's Health, tomatoes contain a lot of water, to help prevent dehydration, and contain a lot of potassium, which helps you balance a high sodium diet, and potassium can battle bloating!

Other foods listed in the top 5 include jalapeno peppers, cherries, raspberries, and you can wash it all down with iced green tea.

So enjoy these summer treats and maybe even drop a few pounds! Not a bad deal!

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