Would you believe that when I tried to order Wawa delivery to the Jersey Shore, they would not drive an hour to bring me a sandwich and a coffee?!

For those of us who are not in an area that can have Wawa brought to our doorstep *tear*, a guy in Cherry Hill decided to give the world the inside scoop on how his Wawa delivery experience went.

According to NJ.com, those that are eligible can place orders online at Wawadelivery.com or Grubhub, the nationwide food-delivery service. Depending on your address, there are different menu items, minimums, and delivery fees.

However, a rule that stands across the board is that the order must be paid for up front with a credit or debit card.

Once the order of a sandwich with fix ins on the side, a large chicken soup, and black

Lisa F. Young, Thinkstock

decaf coffee were placed at 12:24 PM, a text message was received estimating the time of delivery to be between 1:05 to 1:10 PM -- not too bad of a wait time for their delivery service being brand new.

Impressively enough, the food ended up arriving 10 minutes ahead of time and the coffee and soup were still HOT!

The only issue is that the fix-ins came on the sandwich as opposed to being put on the side as requested. When our brave Cherry Hill resident called in to explain the problem, Wawa offered to refund the $5.79 for the sandwich because of the mistake.

Sounds to me like Wawa knows exactly what they are doing and this delivery addition could change the way of life as we know it!

Now Wawa: could you get a move on to expanding your delivery services to the Jersey Shore!?!

Check out the original story at NJ.com and see for yourself!

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