And Wawa continues to expand.....

It looks like Wawa has been quietly testing a new dinner menu but it is not so quiet anymore!

Hey Wawa....What gives with the secrets!?

There are only six Wawa locations that are trying the dinner menu out but they are not being all that forthcoming of which specific Wawas.

Two of the confirmed locations are in Horsham and Jamison which are both in Pennsylvania. So far, there doesn't seem to be any Wawa locations at the Jersey Shore included on this dinner menu trial....yet.

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At this location, items on the dinner menu are only available 4 PM and on and include hamburgers, waffle fries and breaded chicken sandwiches.

The idea behind this new menu is to give other national fast food chains like Burger King, McDonald's and Shake Shack a run for their money.

“We are testing new options specifically for dinner as we continue to connect with customers in new ways and focus on fulfilling our customers’ lives at all times of the day,” said spokeswoman Lori Bruce.

The burger toppings available are tomato, lettuce, bacon (duh!), cheddar cheese, pickles (also duh) and garlic aioli.

Prices will obviously vary by location but for the Horsham location, the burger and breaded chicken sandwich cost $5.49 and the waffle fries cost $1.99.

It is too soon to tell but could Wawa become the dominating fast food supplier in New Jersey over the next year?

Turns out we were right: big changes were in store for 2020.

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