You are driving along the Garden State Parkway, minding your own business, when your hear your stomach gurgle.

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The noise that comes from your body is atrocious and cringeworthy which can only mean one thing: you are hungry and need food to refuel fast.

(Photo Courtesy: Hazlet Township Police Department)
(Photo Courtesy: Hazlet Township Police Department)

The usual move for any New Jersey driver would be to pull over to a gas station to refuel your stomach and your car at the same time.

But do you have a particular favorite spot when it comes to those gas station goodies?

According to, one menu item that just about every single New Jersey resident nearly worships has been crowned as the best in the Garden State.

Can you guess which business took home the gold?

Here are a few hints:

1. This business first opened in 1964

Claudio Divizia
Claudio Divizia

2. A big reason this company was so successful is because they remained open on Sundays


3. Kate Winslet is a huge fan.

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Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Any guesses?

That's is WAWA!

Google Maps
Google Maps

But only one specific menu item from Wawa made this list: Wawa's famous subs! (or hoagies or whatever you call them!)

Here is what Mashed said according to

What Sheetz is to Pennsylvania, Wawa is to New Jersey.

PAUSE: What the heck is Sheetz!? Eh....we'll research another time. Let's continue on....

Wawa is one of the best places to rest and fill up your tank because you can find tons of great food and drink options there that you don't get at regular gas stations. One of the key reasons why people love Wawa is that it makes fresh, delicious subs that are portable, tasty, and pretty healthy. Wawa's classic subs have a few things going for them. The flavors are all familiar and predictable, but the ingredients are super fresh, and there are plenty of different toppings to choose from.


You can order from its regular classic sub or cold hoagie menu or create your own. Although Wawa might not be making serious waves like some of the other gourmands on our list, it's hard to argue that it doesn't serve some of the best, consistently good gas station food in the country.

Even when it comes to a classic turkey sub, Wawa hits it out of the park every single time.

That is all I crave during the Summertime. A fresh, Wawa turkey sub with plain potato chips and maybe a white claw or two...or five....on the side.

I think it is time to try your first Wawa hoagie if somehow, you haven't tried it already. 

If you have tried them, enjoy your favorite Wawa sandwich to celebrate! 

Here are some of New Jersey's favorites when it comes to Wawa subs.

For hot sandwiches, give their roasted chicken hoagie, meatball sub or brisket sandwich a try! 

They also offer various paninis that can be made using fresh veggies, savory cheeses and meats and is toasted to perfection! 

Wawa also have burritos and quesadillas! Are they technically sandwiches? May not...but I've had them and I deem them worthy enough to be on this list.

For cold sandwiches, there are more options than you would think. 

They offer your regular hoagie, club sandwiches, deli sandwiches and stacked sandwiches which has savory deli meat piled high if you are especially hungry! 

Nothing like a Wawa sandwich. Which is your favorite?

Not in the mood for sandwiches? No problem!

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