Good News! The Go Green initiative continues to spread throughout the Garden State!

Yes, some of these changes will take some getting used to but this piece of news is good for the environment and will be take no adjustment time at all!

Wawa just announced on Facebook that, "in 2020, every cup of Wawa coffee is now 100% sustainably sourced."

So drink your Wawa coffee feeling a little bit more at ease!

What does sustainably sourced mean?

According to, "Sustainable Sourcing is the integration of social, ethical and environmental performance factors into the process of selecting suppliers." 

So in in layman's terms, Sustainably Sourced suppliers make or grow their products with long-term affects in mind.

For example, a Sustainably Sourced farmer would not use pesticides when growing crops because of the negative, long-term affects it would have on the fertile soil. It is all about creating quality products but also caring about how you make them.

Make sense?

Let's keep these Go-Green initiatives coming!

Take a look at Wawa's original Facebook Announcement.

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