At least all of our annual traditions are being destroyed by COVID-19!

Wawa announced that a few of their Thanksgiving favorites are returning to their menu to kick off the holiday season.

I would usually say, "Jesus, it is happening earlier and earlier every year!" but being that a lot of our typical traditions are going by the wayside in 2020, I am totally okay with this.

Wawa is bringing back their Hot Turkey Bowl and The Gobbler!

The Hot Turkey Bowl which has turkey (obviously), gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce! It is literally a Thanksgiving feast in a bowl.

The Gobbler is a sandwich...or pardon, a hoagie with hot turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. This is basically a Thanksgiving feast....just on bread.

And Wawa is bringing back these two Thanksgiving specials at a good price.

And even though 2020 has been awful, Wawa said that they will not keep these comfort-food menu items available forever so grab them while you can.

If you want continuous updates on Wawa's menu items, keep an eye on their Twitter Page.

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