There is one day of the week that you should try to not weigh yourself. So, which day of the week do you weigh the most?

You have probably suspected it for years. The weekend is home to most parties, get-togethers, barbeques and just about all things that make dieting more difficult. So, you're instincts were right. Monday is the day you want to stay off the scale.

According to a study reported on at, the European Journal of Obesity monitored 80 men and women who weighed themselves every day for almost a year. There was a trend of weight gain on the weekends, making Monday the worst day to check your weight.

The good news is that the same people recorded a trend of weight loss during the week, and the difference between those who lost weight over the course of the study and those who gained was the amount of weight lost during the weekdays.

So skip the scale and get back to the diet today and you will be well on your way to be ready for bathing suit season which, by the way is just 10 weeks away.


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