When you think of New Jersey products, many things come to mind, but do you know the Garden State's top export and top selling product?

The top export product may surprise you. First of all, if you think it's edible, you would be wrong. So you can eliminate tomatoes and blueberries and corn. None of those are the top export product in New Jersey.

As a matter of fact, our top export is not grown or produced here in the Garden State. What? And you can't ship it in the truck pictured here. So what is the top selling product for New Jersey. The answer - petroleum.

With our 3 refineries, and New Jersey being located at the end of the largest petroleum pipeline in the country, we exported over $1.5 billion worth of petroleum last year according to 247wallst.com.

Anybody who drives on the NJ Turnpike probably knew this answer before anyone else got it..



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