We all know the 'hubs' where you can find plenty of the stores you want...but aren't there days when you just wish you had a certain store right down the street so that you didn't have to drive a half hour?

I live in the West Belmar/Wall area, so I'm about the same distance from Brick, Eatontown, or Howell (give or take a couple of miles) and those bigger towns have many of the stores I like.

Let me also say that I am a big fan of supporting local businesses when I can, so this blog is not meant to take away from the wonderful little shops we have up and down the shore.

But there are times when I'll find I need something that I just want to get from a certain store that I wish was closer. And I don't have the time to fight after-school/rush hour traffic and spend an hour just driving round-trip to get to and from a store!

I remember years ago when there was a Barnes & Noble in Wall. I also wish there was a Kohl's in my neighborhood, and I don't think I would mind a multiplex theater, either!

I have heard so many people say their wish list for our area includes Trader Joe's and Wegmans.

And what about restaurants? Are there are places you have vacationed that have a restaurant you just can't find around here?

What are you missing from your neighborhood that you just WISH would come to your town?

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