Super Bowl celebrations are about football, parties, friends and families and of course food. So, what recipe is the most searched for the big game in New Jersey?

That is exactly the question tried to answer, for New Jersey, and each state in America. So, what's the most searched recipe leading up to the Super Bowl in New Jersey?

There are lots of great Super Bowl foods, but the recipe New Jersey searches for more than any other is one for spicy buffalo wings. And these delicious wings are made in a slow kicker.

For the record, if you're visiting friends in the Big Apple, odds are you'll be enjoying homemade jalapeno poppers, since that's the most searched Super Bowl recipe in New York.

People in Pennsylvania searched most for a buffalo chicken dip for the big game, and that sounds delicious.  And in Connecticut, you're going to skip the appetizers and go straight to the cupcakes.

You can check out each state's most searched Super Bowl food at

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