In the blink of an eye...My son had the amazing opportunity to play percussion for a wonderful show at Two River Theater in Red Bank Saturday night.

It was called "An Enchanted Evening of Song" and featured some amazing talent and incredible music, under the great leadership of Joe Muccioli from the Jazz Arts Project.

It featured members of the Red Bank Jazz Orchestra, and Benj got to be part of that talented band.

Among those performing were a trio called "The Belle Tones". As Benj says, they have the voices of angels. Here's a photo of those gorgeous girls with my son.

This fantastic show also featured singers Bob Tuzzo, Tony Corrao, and Jerry Pierce, and if you haven't seen any of these guys you need to get to some of their appearances!

The Jazz Arts Project has some great shows coming up this summer around Red Bank, so stay tuned to hear more about their performances -- you won't want to miss them!

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