We are a fun group in New Jersey, aren’t we?  In fact, we spend over $3,500 on entertaining ourselves every year.  WalletHub took a deep dive into what cities spend the most on fun and I was curious where New Jersey cities ranked.

Photo by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash
Photo by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash

They came out with the “Most Fun Cities In America” list by comparing 180 cities, what they have to offer and how much we are willing to spend to have a good time.  Did New Jersey make the top 20?


Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash
Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash
Top 20 Most Fun Cities in America
1. Las Vegas, NV11. Cincinnati, OH
2. Orlando, FL12. Tampa, FL
3. Miami, FL13. Fort Lauderdale, FL
4. Atlanta, GA14. Portland, OR
5. New Orleans, LA15. Denver, CO
6. San Francisco, CA16. San Diego, CA
7. Austin, TX17. Washington, DC
8. Honolulu, HI18. Houston, TX
9. New York, NY19. St. Louis, MO
10. Chicago, IL20. Los Angeles, CA

The answer to that is no.  I beg to differ!  You can see where we fall on the full list here.  


Key Stats

  • Orlando, Florida, has the most restaurants (per square root of population), 7.2927, which is 17.8 times more than in Pearl City, Hawaii, the city with the fewest at 0.4094.
  • San Francisco has the highest share of the population with walkable park access, 99.76 percent, which is 3.1 times higher than in Indianapolis, the city with the lowest at 32.50 percent.
  • Las Vegas has the most playgrounds (per square root of population), 1.1285, which is 22.8 times more than in Hialeah, Florida, the city with the fewest at 0.0496.
  • San Francisco has the most dance clubs (per square root of population), 0.1422, which is 79 times more than in Henderson, Nevada, the city with the fewest at 0.0018.
  • Brownsville, Texas, has the lowest average beer price (per six-pack), $7.49, which is 1.6 times lower than in New York, the city with the highest at $12.33.

Port St. Lucie, Florida, has the lowest movie cost, $6.43, which is 2.7 times lower than in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, the cities with the highest at $17.40.

At the end of the day, Jersey has its own fun and we are close to NYC and Philly.  You can't get any better than that!

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