There is nothing more New Jersey than Bon Jovi. The band will always be #1 in the harts of New Jersey residents. But where does the band rank all time?

The website 24/7 Tempo has compiled the list of the 100 Most Popular Rock Bands Of All Time, and before we give you their official position for Bon Jovi, we wanted to go over a few of the reasons we think the band should place in the Top 25 All Time.

Let's take a quick look at why Bon Jovi should float close to the top of this list...

Bon Jovi - Among The Best

Now that we have stated a pretty obvious case, let's check out where Bon Jovi lands on this list. According to 24/7 Tempo, the band ranks at #17 all time, and that's not bad. It's ok to be behind the likes of the Beatles (#1), The Stones (#3) and Queen (#2).

The rankings were based on Spotify, Billboard, Ranker and Facebook data.

So congratulations to the band we feel like we're a part of for this great honor. And since we're all in the band, congratulations to us, too.

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