If you like salad, someday when you ask "Where is this lettuce from?", the answer you may get might surprise you. The answer just might be "space".

Yep, fresh Romaine lettuce from the international space station...at least that's the experiment. They're going to try to grow it in Kevlar packs, according to msn.com, and use ultraviolet light to help it grow.

The actual reason for the experiment is to try to save money on transporting food to the international space station. As it stands right now, it costs $10,000 per pound to send food to the International Space Station. Not a typo...$10,000 a pound!

So get ready for a salad that's out of this world. I know that was terrible, but I couldn't help it. Come on, you were thinking it, too. How about this one....now that's imported lettuce! Ok, I'll stop now.

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