When you think of pace of life in New Jersey, the word slow doesn't exactly come to mind, but one county has to be the one with the slowest pace of life. So which is it?

What if we were to tell you a slower pace of life is just a couple of hours away, and you don't even have to cross the state border? That's exactly what Insider is telling us. So where are we going?

According to the report, the New Jersey county with the slowest pace of life is Cumberland County, so if you're in the middle of Monmouth County, a slower life is just about 90 miles south.

Insider says the county (which has just over 150,000 residents) also boasts 289 recreational establishments making it a ratio of about 2 recreational establishments per 1000 residents.

So, what about Monmouth & Ocean Counties? Well, the study doesn't rank all the counties, it just lists the slowest paced one, but it's safe to say not many people live at the Jersey Shore for a slow paced life.

You can visit the Cumberland County tourism page for attractions in the area if you decide to take the trip south.

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