National Lost Dogs Awareness Day is this Sunday, April 23rd.. Here's a Monmouth County resource I use to keep me posted on lost and found pets.

Of course you should microchip your pets, keep them in secure, fenced-in areas when they are outside, and on a leash when walking them.

But when the lock on the yard gate breaks, or when your pet gets spooked and breaks free pulls the leash right out of your hand, or any other nightmare situation that leaves you searching for your beloved pet, contact area shelters to see if your pet has been brought there, and also try social media.

I get alerts from The Pet Resources Network of Monmouth County. People go there to post photos and stories of lost and found pets. Recently I saw a cat that, thin and hungry, approached someone's home. They were able to feed the animal, take a photo to post, and describe this lost cat as a friendly house cat that must belong to someone, and info on where/how to get this sweet animal home.

I also saw a post recently from a frantic pet owner in Eatontown whose dog had gotten lost, with a plea to please keep an eye out for him.

You can help just by sharing some of these posts, knowing you are doing your part in hopefully reuniting pets and their owners.

It's nice to know that our community is so helpful in trying to help animals find their humans, and vise-versa!


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