Handling the devastating news of Whitney Houston's death was hard enough for all of us. It must have been exceptionally difficult for those responsible for putting together the Grammy show. The news was barely sinking in when the biggest night in music was about to take place. With little time to prepare or plan, the producers of the Grammy Awards needed to pay tribute to one of the biggest music stars of our lifetime. I think they did a good job.

Jennifer Hudson had the huge task of singing one of Whitney's biggest songs, and while no one can sing it the way Whitney did, Jennifer did an amazing job. I thought the comments by LL Cool J at the opening of the show were heartfelt, and I think the overall theme of celebrating music in tribute to Whitney was appropriate.

Not everyone will be satisfied with what the show did. Whitney was such a huge artist, and no amount of tribute would be too much, but I thought the show did well in the short amount of time it had to prepare. What do you think? Were you happy with what they did or do you think thay should have done more?