Who hasn't worried at one point or another in their life if their partner was cheating on them. Maybe you're looking for some signs.

Well, if you are, you might want to soak in some of the points made in an article at womenshealthmag.com which breaks down the people who are most likely to cheat, and they name names. Well, at least one name.

According to the article some of the people most likely to cheat are:

People who like rock music. From a recent survey, 41% of people who cheat say they like rock music. If you're looking for the music fan who will be the most loyal, according to the survey, you should find someone who likes rap.

Tall guys. Here's a scary stat. Guys who are 5' 10" or taller are twice as likely to be a cheater.

Guys named Wayne. Really? Yep. A survey asked 2000 women for the name that was trusted least when it cam to love, and the #1 answer...Wayne.

If you tweet you cheat. Of course not everyone on Twitter is cheating, but a study from the University of Missouri says that the more someone is tweeting, the more likely he or she is cheating.  The research found the more Twitter use, the more likely there's some relationship issues.

Of course, I often wonder if these studies don't cause more unnecessary worry than anything else. I mean if you're a guy tall rock guy named Wayne, you better get off Twitter. You've got enough to worry about when you get home. Maybe poor Wayne hasn't done a thing wrong, but he's gonna have a lot of questions to answer this weekend.