If I asked you, "Where is the best pizza at the Jersey Shore?" what would your answer be?

No doubt, there are some solid options that have now flooded your mind because the Jersey Shore don't play when it comes to pizza.

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But what if I asked, "Where is the best pizza in all of New Jersey?"

You are going to find the answer to that question this weekend at the 2nd Annual Jersey Pizza Bowl taking place near the Meadowlands.

FYI: This event has sold out to the public on Eventbrite :(

This event is being hosted by Guy, the creator the Jersey Pizza Joints Facebook Group and proceeds from the event will be donated to the Tunnels To Towers Foundation who works to help veterans and their families after service. Learn more about them HERE.

Here is how things will work:

Voting has been taking place for the last few weeks and four finalists have been nominated for each of the following categories: North Jersey, South Jersey, Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore.

Now, these 16 pizzerias are going to go head to head in a pizza bake off to see who takes home the gold. There will be a winner in each category and an overall champion will be crowned.

Celebrity judges will also be present to judge all of the pizza and will play a vital role in deciding who will be crowned into Jersey Pizza Bowl's Hall of Fame.

Judges include Eyewitness News Anchor Ken Rosato, Federico Casteluccio of the Sopranos, Celebrity Chef Ariane Durate, Joseph Donofrio and more.

I was SUPPOSED to be one of these judges but this stupid back health problem has had to take precedent. (Don't worry - I am already confirmed to judge for next year's competition but more on this later)

So, the big question: Do our Jersey Shore finalists have what it takes to represent and take home the gold?

I'd like to think so....let's meet out finalists....

The Jersey Shore Pizzeria Finalists Who Made It To The 2022 Pizza Bowl

These are the best of the best....but who will win?

That's not all.

This year, the Italian-inspired contest is expanding and will also be holding a Meatball Bake Off with four finalists from each region of New Jersey.

*Cue awful Italian accent* Oh, meatballs!

So now that you know the four finalists representing the Jersey Shore, who do you think has the capability of bringing home the GOLD:

Guy will be letting me know who is honored with the title of Best Pizza in all of New Jersey and once I know, so will you.

But seriously....any guesses on who will win? Because we, at the Jersey Shore, know pizza like no other.

Great....now I want pizza.

Oh look at that...how perfect....↓

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