There is a real warming trend coming to the Jersey Shore this week, with temperatures with temperatures that could reach the low 70's by mid week. So will we be breaking any Jersey Shore records?

I asked our meteorologist Dan Zarrow that very question, right after I thanked him for the spring-like forecast for this week. Dan says there's a shot a a record. Here's what he told me...

Dan thinks we will break records this week with the best chance being Wednesday. Here's a comparison of Dan's forecast high followed by the record high for that day as recorded at the Long Branch weather station..

Monday: 57 / 72
Tuesday: 67 / 71
Wednesday: 72 / 71
Thursday: 73 / 74
Friday: 73 / 76

Whether or not we break any records this week, Dan's forecast is definitely something we can get used to here at the Jersey Shore. Keep it coming Dan! You can check out Dan's weather blogs anytime!


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