For me, Friday night was a blast! This is what happened...

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The night started with me drinking a few cocktails with my best friends. All of our work schedules are unique so it's rare that we are able to hang out all at once. Luckily, my one friend Conor got everyone together so he could invite us to be his groomsman. It was a great moment, and it felt nice to celebrate something special with my buddies. I am extremely happy for my friends Conor and Mika, their wedding next year at Crystal Point in Point Pleasant will be tremendous!

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So yeah, we were having an awesome guy's night, one thing led to another, a few drinks later, and we were craving food. Not just any food, we were in need of drunk food...

Drunk Food-

What you shove down your throat after a night of heavy drinking in the misguided hope that it'll absorb whatever alcohol hasn't yet made it into your blood stream.

What do guys from Monmouth County crave when they have been drinking? How about award-winning cheese fries from Windmill. Sober or not, it's safe to say, Windmill easily has the Jersey Shore's best cheese fries. They are award-winning for a reason! I honestly can't think of any other Jersey Shore restaurant that offers high-quality cheese fries like Windmill. Look how beautiful they look...

My friends and I always go to the Belmar location but Windmill also has four other restaurants in North Long Branch, West End - Long Branch, Red Bank, and Asbury Park. It's important to note, the Asbury Park location is now open after building renovations. Will Ocean County ever have a Windmill?? That might be a million-dollar business idea!

Of course, Windmill is most known for its hotdogs. They also have tasty chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, onion rings, hamburgers, mushroom bites, and more!

Seriously, is it really a Jersey Shore summer if you haven't eaten at Windmill?

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