It's unthinkable. An employee donates a kidney to their boss, only to be fired. Debbie Stevens from Long Island, N.Y., reportedly gave the generous gift of her kidney to her sick boss. Well, it was a little more complicated than that. Unfortunately, it wasn't a match so the kidney was given to someone else who was compatible with Stevens. This in turn got her boss bumped up on the donor's list to receive another kidney.

Low and behold, after the boss started feeling fine, things went downhill at the office for generous Stevens. Apparently the new lease on life didn't include compassion or gratitude, for the boss, 61-year-old Jackie Brucia, allegedly fired the good Samaritan after prolonged "office abuse."

According to ABC News, the 47-year-old divorced Stevens is now suing her supervisor. She filed a lawsuit with the New York State Human Rights Commission on Friday.

Stevens now feels that Brucia used her to get what she wanted then discarded her like yesterday's trash.

Stevens had been Brucia's assistant since 2009 at the Atlantic Automotive Group, a billion-dollar dealership.

Stevens told ABC News that she had left the company briefly to move to Florida in 2010 and on a visit to New York, stopped by AAG in Islip, LI. It was then that her boss allegedly told her about needing a kidney. The Long Island mother of two said she volunteered to help her but Brucia said she already had someone lined up, jokingly saying if things didn't work out she might just take her up on her offer.

Stevens was allledgedly rehired soon after that, and she said Brucia took he up on her offer. But after the operation, she said her boss turned into the female Jekyll and Hyde.

The treatment became so unbearable, that Stevens said sometimes she would bust into tears. She claimed the Brucia would yell at her her and make constant unreasonable demands. The last straw came when her boss shipped her off to work at another dealership 50 miles from her home, then did the unthinkable and fired her. Stevens said she had had it at that point and hired Civil Rights lawyer Lenard Leeds.

They are seeking millions of dollars in damages for physical and emotional stress and loss wages. She says she now has health issues from the surgeries.

Boss Brucia could not be reached to give her side of the story and AAG is not talking either, referring all inquiries into the matter to Stevens former supervisor, reports ABC.

What do you think: did the boss treat Stevens poorly, or did Stevens have unrealistic expectations?

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