Lauren Silberman has made history.

The New York City native and former college soccer player became the first woman to try out for the NFL when she showed up at the regional combine here in Jersey on Sunday.

She was hoping to win a spot as a kicker in the NFL, but an injury to her quads during her training last week led to two embarrassing field goal attempts at this weekend's tryouts. Her first kick from the 35-yard line went just 19 yards, the second only 13 yards.

She then had to see a trainer.

There is old cell phone video showing her easily making a field goal at a fan event, so clearly she has real ability.

She's hoping the scouts will let her try out again next year.

While I love the notion of equality in professional sports, I can't help but think it would be a terrible idea to have women play in the NFL.

It seems like there would be an increased risk of injury, just because of natural physical differences between men and women. Then there's the issue of how a woman would be treated on the field. The high level of physical contact between football players just leaves the door open for so many problems to occur, like men not wanting to tackle a woman, sexual harassment issues, etc...

That said, I love that Silberman had the confidence to try out, knowing how tough it would be if she made it. If she thinks she can handle it, more power to her.

I hope she trains all year, makes it through tryouts, and is one day representing all of us women on the gridiron...paving the way for hundreds of other girls to follow in her footsteps.

Some say her tryout was just a publicity stunt...I say epic win for women.

Was Silberman's tryout an epic fail or an epic win? Tell us in the comment section below!