Working from home can be a challenge for us in many ways. It can also be a huge challenge for those providing us with technical support.

As an example, this morning I ran into some technical difficulties trying to get the show started. I literally have to hit two buttons. That's how easy our amazing engineer Tom made it for me.

But, apparently not easy enough. Everything looked right, but I couldn't hear the station. Remember it's 5:30 in the morning. The first thing I do is wake up my wife. She's awesome with anything computers.

She checked and said everything looked fine from an equipment standpoint. I should have known then that it was an operator error, better known as a Lou error. But, instead of realizing that, like many of us, I opted for the conspiracy theory.

I called Tom, woke him up, and here's how I explained what was going on, using technical industry jargon of course...

"Hey, sorry to wake you up. I went to put the station on the air and I can't hear me. I mean I can't hear anything. I hit the gray button like I always do and then the red light came on, but it was orange. Well, it was red for a second, then it was orange and now the red light is green. I rebooted twice and the red light keeps turning orange and then green, to which he responded 'the light's not the problem, let me check something'.

He came back and said somebody (I'll give you one guess who 'somebody' is), hit the blue button. Blue? I don't even know where the blue button is! When did someone sneak into my house and install a blue button? Oh, wait, this blue button? The one I pressed Friday and forgot to un-press?

I then gave Tom permission to go back to sleep, to which he chuckled and said 'no problem', but we all know that one thing I was not this morning was 'no problem'.

So thank you, Tom, and thank you, Diane, for helping this morning. I promise tomorrow will be better. (Disclaimer - there is no way I can guarantee this promise, but you both knew that).

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