Yesterday's weather was unbearable and dangerous. Temperatures barely above zero, with wind chill that came in at about 25 below, but it wasn't the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Garden State.

It was an early January day, the 5th to be exact, in 1904 in River Vale. Our ancestors woke up and prepared for a cold day in the Garden State. Who could imagine the temperature would drop to an unimaginable 34 below zero.

When you think about what yesterday's temperature and wind chill did to us, and you combine that with all the 21st century technologies we have to keep us warm, and the fact that that January 1904 day was much colder than yesterday, you wonder how those poor people over 100 year ago handled it.

They obviously didn't have most of the amenities we enjoy. As an example, I don't think most people had seat warmers in their horse drawn carriage. Remember the Ford Model T wasn't even unveiled until 4 years after that cold morning.

So, even though we have every right to complain about yesterday's brutal weather, it certainly wasn't the coldest New Jersey has ever seen.

You can see a list of record low temperatures in all states at

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