It’s jarring season...if you’ve been following my blogs, you should already have my recipes for jarring eggplants and roasted peppers. Now, it’s time for the Baby Bella Mushrooms.

Wash your mushrooms and slice evenly. Blanch the mushrooms in apple cider vinegar (approximately 1 minute) and drain them in a colander. Once cool, add chopped garlic, oregano, peperoncino, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. Mix together in a large bowl and fill your jars topping with a little more EVOO. Not only are these marinated mushrooms tasty, but they also have many health benefits. Baby Bella Mushrooms can improve your immune system function and reduce your risk of certain chronic health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and specific types of cancer. These mushrooms also contain Vitamin D, which can enhance your overall bone health. Click here for details on other health benefits.

Be sure to try these marinated mushrooms as a topping for your burger, chicken, and baked potato. They are also good in salads, over rice and farro. Never heard of farro?  That will be Part 2 of this blog…teaching you how to make farro. Enjoy!

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