There are certain things that nobody can understand the way we can as residents of the Jersey Shore, like driving through Brick.

Let me start by saying that I love Brick. I really do. I live in Point Boro and do a majority of my business in town and in Brick, so I think anyone who travels in Brick every day like I do, or lives in Brick will relate to this and get a chuckle out of our shared experience.

You know you're driving in Brick if...

You can't make two green lights in a row. You can hit 12 red lights in a row, but not two green ones.

The left lane is the slow lane. Is everybody in the left lane on Brick Blvd North making a left on Beaverson??

Your car spends more time in the Brick Plaza parking lot than your own driveway. That's a lot of good stores in one place.

There's not enough room in the left lane on Chambers Bridge Road to fit all the car making a left into Brick Commons to go to ShopRite or Kohls.

If you drive in Brick, you know exactly what I mean. Every town has their own list and we'll spotlight another one in our next installment.

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