We have come leaps and strides in the past year while facing the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There are parts that have seriously sucked...but it looks the light at the tunnel is finally in sight.

Vaccines are being distributed, appointments are being filled and before we know it....we'll be living life this Summer making up for lost time.

But earlier today, there was a major set back: Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 Vaccines were recalled and all scheduled appointments to administer were cancelled.

Not what you want to hear when people were already skeptical...especially since NJ.com just published a story that a 3rd vaccine shot may be in our future.

The article starts by saying, "The vaccines currently being rolled out across the U.S. offer strong protection."

IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH, here is the sentence that follows: "But new studies of experimental updates to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines mark a critical first step toward an alternative if the virus eventually outsmarts today’s shots." 

So in laments terms, the vaccines we are using are being tested on how it can defend the population against future COVID-19 variants. (Which is very possible because the virus has already mutated at least once into a more contagious version in less than a year) 

So here is the thing, this description makes it sound like it is something similar to the flu shot.

We have to get a new shot every single year to be ready to combat the new variants of the virus and it is just something that we have learned to live with.

I am going to be that eventually, COVID-19 will be viewed in the same category as the flu....hopefully.

So if there is a 3rd vaccine for COVID-19, you bet your bottom dollar that I will be getting it.

I understand the fear. I understand the hesitation.

But what is the alternative? For this virus to resurface and take over our lives once again?

Our health professionals have been and are doing everything in their power to protect the population, ensure others don't get sick and are trying to save as many lives as possible.

Nothing is set in stone just yet so for now, let's take this day by day but start preparing ourselves that a 3rd shot could be coming.

If this does become the trend, will you join me?

Take a look at additional information on this at NJ.com.

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