Just when we're all getting used to the fact that the Earth is round, we now find out that hot dogs are flat. I hope you were sitting down. I probably should have led with that.

If you hesitated when we announced the world was round, you should probably stop reading now. The rest of this information may be too much for you to handle. If you're still reading, sit down. I won't make that mistake twice.

So let's see if we have this one right. There are flat hot dogs? If that's true, they must be found at some distant corner of the world we've never heard of right? Well, they do exist, and that tiny little corner of the world is a place called New Jersey.

That's right, we flattened the curve here in the Garden State. Who says we can't flatten a hot dog? well, that's exactly what they do at Rastelli's, and they've apparently been doing a lot well since they've been around since 1976.

And the flat hot dogs are apparently so, well, hot, that they're currently sold out. Yep, you didn't even know the flat hot dog existed a minute ago, and now you can't get one, so now you really have to have one, right?

By the way, Rastelli's is located in Evesham, which is in Burlington County and a trip to their location at  4164, 710 NJ-73 would take about an hour to get to. But that's a long ride to find out the only hot dogs they have are those old-school hot dog-shaped hot dogs.

The only question left is how many flat hot dogs Joey Chestnut could eat, and would he set a new world record for eating flat hot dogs. We think he probably could. But he may need to wait a few days. He just broke the world record for eating 76 of those old traditional-shaped dogs.

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