You put in the time at the gym, you work hard while you're there. The last thing you want to find out is that some bad habits you might not even know you have are hurting your results.

The experts at have come up with a list of bad workout habits you should avoid, and some may be things you never thought of. For instance, have you ever grabbed onto those bars on the treadmill while working out? Turns out if you do, you'll get tired faster and you won't burn the maximum amount of calories.

Experts say if you're reading while you do your workout, you aren't working hard enough. They say to stop reading and start listening to your music, which will actually make a good workout seem less tough and actually increase your endurance by 15%.

And who hasn't been at a crowded gym and had to wait to get on a machine. Turns out that down time really affects the impact of your workout. Even a 5 minutes break can really be robbing you of the full impact of your hard work. Experts say do some sit ups, push ups or grab a jump rope. Anything is better than waiting.

If you're putting in the time and working hard, you should be getting the full benefits of your workout, right? So just keep these bad habits in mind the next time you hit the gym!