Which of these idiotic drivers sends you over the edge?

After a blog I wrote about what causes Road Rage, Point Listeners say these are the most annoying pet peeves about NJ drivers. See if you agree:

10. Stop all of a sudden speeding up when I am trying to pass you when the reason I am passing you is because you were driving too slow.

9. Stop driving slower than the speed limit. You're holding everyone up.

8. Stop cutting people off because you don't know how to pass safely.

7. Truck nuts. Enough said.

6. Stop texting at a red light and then not seeing when it turns green.

5. Stop crossing 3 lanes of traffic to exit at the last second.

4. Learn how to merge. Don't speed up to 80 and make everyone else scatter instead of slowing down and seeing if the coast is clear.

3. Get out of the left lane when you're not using it to pass.

2. Stop texting behind the wheel, especially when you are swaying back and forth between lanes.


1. Tailgating. STOP IT!

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